Budget ensures economic growth will continue

Monday, 8 May 2017

Federal Member for Hinkler Keith Pitt said the 2017 Budget delivers greater opportunities for small business.

“We will extend the instant asset write off to small businesses for a further 12 months which is great news for the 8500 small businesses in Hinkler,” he said.

“And we are taking action to safeguard Australian jobs and make sure that Australians have the necessary training and skills to be job-ready with a new Skilling Australians Fund.”

The Coalition Government is guaranteeing Medicare with a Medicare Guarantee Fund that will only pay for Medicare and medicines.

“We are fully funding the NDIS to provide a secure future for Australians with a disability. We are launching a fairer schools funding model that is needs-based, simple and transparent. And we are delivering affordable, accessible childcare for families with a simplified Child Care Package. These essential services have been secured in the Coalition Government’s Budget 2017.”

The Government will continue to ensure multinationals pay their fair share of tax.

“Our actions have already raised $2.9 billion in tax liabilities this financial year against a group of just seven large multinational companies, and are expected to raise more than $4 billion in total this financial year from large public groups and multinationals,” he said.

“We will also continue to focus on stopping people trying to take an easy ride on our welfare system by strengthening mutual obligation requirements for payments and cracking down on those seeking to get out of those obligations,” Mr Pitt said.

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