90 second statement – Shop local

Monday, 21 October 2019

Mr PITT : As you know, Shop Small was in town and in parliament last night. Why is shopping local important? Because it means shopping with local businesses, which means using local jobs that support local kids in particular around Christmas time. It means driving local economies. I say to everyone out there who might be listening to this on the broadcast: if you’re spending at Christmas time and you want to get your purse or wallet out, get downtown and make sure you’re shopping local. I know, Mr Deputy Speaker Hogan, you are waiting with anticipation to see what in my electorate you can buy from local shops. Firstly, you need to bang at the door of Buck’s Butcher Shoppe in Childers—their speciality is Buck’s ducks. That is what they are very keen on in Childers. There’s Nanna’s Pantry—not your mum’s mum but Nanna’s Pantry, the shop, There’s also One Little Farm and Avenell Brothers. Mr Speaker, I know you’re very keen on your bling, particularly for your good wife, so get down to Warner’s Jewellers, if you want to get the right stuff. The Bath House, Jake’s Candy, Bundy Rum, Kalki Moon all have some great gift ideas. Get the seafood from my electorate, whether it’s at the Red Shed, Urangan Seafoods or Harvey Bay Cold Stores. That is where you get the best prawns, the best scallops and the best reef fish. It’s all there and it’s all available. I know you like a beach holiday or a beach visit, Mr Deputy Speaker. Get down to Hervey Bay, Woodgate, Bargara or Burrum. That’s where it’s all happening. The kids will love it. You can go fishing, you play golf, you can buy what you need locally and you can support local jobs and local economies.

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