90 Second Statement – Minister Billson’s visit

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Last week, the Minister for Small Business took the opportunity to visit my electorate. It was a very successful visit, and I would like to thank the minister for taking that opportunity. He opened the Bundaberg Business Expo, which was much appreciated by local businesses, and he held a roundtable discussion. There was a very simple message from the businesses at the roundtable. The message was that they want us to get out of the way. They are tired of having reams of red and green tape which hold up their businesses and stop them from doing the work that they do every single day.

The message came from people like Peter Barone, from the Red Capsicum coffee shop, Andrew Murchie from Murchie Constructions. Mr Murchie has built numerous buildings in the district but cannot currently build anything under the federal program because he cannot get the accreditation, which costs an absolute fortune. These are good, strong local businesses which have opportunities in the regions to build things under federal funding, but they cannot do it. The message is simple. We need to get out of the way and let them get on with what they do best and get the work done.

It was a great opportunity for Minister Billson and it demonstrated that the government does not have its ears painted on. Minister Billson was there to listen. It was very much appreciated by the local businesses.

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