90 second statement – Extinction Rebellion

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Mr PITT: Many in this chamber may have got an email from a mob that call themselves Extinction Rebellion. Some anonymous numpty has taken it upon themselves to send us an email full of blackmail and threats saying they will close down our path to the airport. Well, I have a couple of suggestions. Firstly, stay at school and learn punctuation. They are out there and may want to glue or chain themselves to something. Well, here are some more suggestions. Get yourself down to your local volunteer fire brigade and chain yourself to a fire hose. Stand up with those individuals who show courage and are out there protecting life and property. Chain yourself to a chipper, a rake or a shovel. I know these might be new concepts to you, but there are individuals there who can explain how to use these pieces of equipment in the right way. They will lend you a set of gloves. I say to those from Extinction Rebellion, who are allegedly out to disrupt and cause problems: how about you pick up some courage and bravery and stand with those individuals who are out there defending life and property right across this country. Volunteer your time for an actual purpose. Make sure you get yourself out, line up, link arms in a firebreak with every single one of these individuals who are, in the most, seniors and retirees, who’ve taken up their spare time to go and fight fires. Learn some courage, stand against an 80-foot wall of flame with a 40-knot wind behind it and see how you go. Tying yourself on the road and gluing yourself to the bitumen is no way to help this country. Here is an opportunity for you.

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