90 second statement – Community Sport Infrastructure Grants

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Mr PITT: I rise to give a shout-out to the Hervey Bay & District Tennis Association, which has been very fortunate recently to receive almost $150,000 from the Community Sport Infrastructure grant. The tennis association will use that money to extend and upgrade their amenities to allow for better disability access in those facilities to allow even more people to be down enjoying the great game of tennis. There is another advantage for them in that the tennis club is located right next door to the touch football and hockey fields. I know that might sound interesting to some and not others, but in Hervey Bay each year they have the Queensland junior touch championships. This brings in some 5,000 individuals to Hervey Bay. It is a massive boost to their tourism industry. The tennis association, of course, utilises their facilities for the purposes of that touch football game.

Bundaberg & District Table Tennis Association are also going great guns with a $22,000 grant to relocate and reinstall the flooring—would you believe—from the Commonwealth Games for their table tennis association. The association will now be able to utilise those things from the Commonwealth Games for their own purposes and install some ventilation at the centre, which I think will be absolutely gratefully accepted.

Bundaberg Golf Club also received $102,000 for safety netting to some existing practice areas that will attract more players to the club and they can run a school program. I don’t know about you, Madam Deputy Speaker, but all I have are hooks and cuts. I certainly look forward to see just how well they go at the local golf club.

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