90 second statement – Burnett Heads Lighthouse Festival

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Mr PITT  (Hinkler) (13:37): On Friday night I attended the launch the Lighthouse Festival’s Art and Photography exhibition and the launch of the Lighthouse Festival at Burnett Heads. Some 8000 people attended the festival, now in its fifth year on the weekend, at the Jack Norgate Oval, which is where the original lighthouse is now situated. It was a wonderful event and well attended obviously.

These things do not happen without a strong organising committee and I would like to make special mention of chairman David Wise who did a wonderful job in organising this year’s event. But you could not do these things without the indomitable Sherilee Ramm, who coordinated the art show and who is a very well-known local at Burnett Heads. The major sponsor and a large employer locally, the Gladstone Ports Corporation, also came on board. 

That Burnett Heads lighthouse was originally located at South head in 1873 and operated for some 99 years before being replaced by a modern structure in 1972. That lighthouse is open on the fourth Sunday of every month, and these things do not happen with out volunteers. Marje Kidd has been doing this role for many years. She gave us a great review of the lighthouse and its history on Friday night, which was attended by myself, of course, and the local state member for Burnett, Stephen Bennett. Local history is what it is all about and I would encourage anyone who might be listening to this broadcast to get themselves to Bundaberg to see the lighthouse and even to attend next year’s lighthouse festival. While you are there, see some whales in Hervey Bay and have a look at the turtles at Christmas.

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