90 second statement – Border security

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Mr PITT: I acknowledge the previous member’s contribution. Having been through a one-in-200-year flood, in 2013, I know that North Queenslanders are doing it tough, but they are resilient and will recover.

Back to the matters at hand. We know that those opposite do not consider our national security important. They do not want to keep the gate closed for illegal arrivals. Under their watch, there were 50,000-plus illegal arrivals by boat, thousands of people in detention and over a thousand lives lost at sea. It is not good enough for them just to have it as a legacy—they want it to happen again. We now have a Leader of the Opposition who is the Pied Piper for those who want to bring more illegal arrivals to this country through the wrong path. What absolute hypocrisy by those opposite to want this to start again.

The anger of the people in my electorate is red-hot. I’ve made calls this morning. They do not want this to start again. They know that our tough policies have worked and will continue to work, and we know that those opposite simply do not support them. Regardless of what they say, they do not support them. It is a clarion call from the Leader of the Opposition to people smugglers. He wants those boats to restart. We are here for the national security of this nation, for the people of this nation. Whether they arrived through the right channels or were born here, their security is first and foremost. You should hang your heads in shame. (Time expired)

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