90 second statement – Bills

Monday, 10 September 2018

Mr PITT (Hinkler): I rise to speak about bills. The people in my electorate are struggling with their power bill, they are struggling with their gas bill, they are struggling with their rates bill and they are struggling with their water bill. But there is one bill which is even more dangerous to their hip pocket. There is one bill which is even more dangerous to the Australian economy. There is a bill that will cost Australians $200 billion. I know you’re onto me, Mr Deputy Speaker Hogan; I’m fairly confident you’re on to me. This Bill is pretty well-known. He wants to take money from our pensioners; he wants to rob their imputation credits from shares that they have worked hard to garner. They have put away money to help them in their retirement, and this Bill wants to steal that out of their pockets. He wants their cash, and not for great purposes—not for great purposes at all. Which Bill is it, do you think? Which Bill, I say to my colleagues, will come out and rob $200 billion from the Australian economy? I think we know which Bill that is. It’s the Bill that sits to your left, Mr Deputy Speaker. It is the Leader of the Opposition.

The policies of the opposition, the Labor Party, will tear down this country. They will drive up energy prices. They will rob our people. They will make Australians’ lives harder, not better. And what do we hear from the opposition? Nothing but support. They want to support taking $200 billion away from Australians, away from hardworking people who are out there and having a go—and that is wrong.

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